November Dinners, Blogging and Bald Chicks.

Saturday was my family's (on my Mom's side) Annual November Birthday Dinner at Cattlemens in Dixon. Being that I only eat birds (that sounds sick!) and Dustin is a Pescaratian, the pickings were slim (teriyaki chicken and Dijon salmon, respectively). It was great to see my Aunts and Uncles and especially my Grandpa. <3>

Having a "new" stomach makes dining out interesting because I can't really eat anything fried. I'm mostly a fruit, veggie, meat, and dairy kind of girl now. And the amount of food that I eat is way less than it used to be. It's kind of sick that this is how I ended up losing that bit of weight that I always wanted to. It's funny because before this summer happened, I used to have talks with God about how I wanted "fix" my eating habits and slim down a bit and I guess he was listening. Some times I think that God is the biggest smart-ass. Is that Kosher? I just said 'God' and 'ass' in the same sentence. Crap, I did it twice! I've come to realize that every shitty situation has a bright side -- even if it's only as bright as one of those dollar store pen lights.
So, yes. The dinner was fun and I ate what I could (Mmmm... salad and chicken and fresh sourdough), plus a scoop of ice cream for dessert. Well, I had half of the scoop and then dumped the rest on Dustin's massive Brownie and Ice cream tower. He loves me, I swear!

I've been a Blog reader for about two years, following mostly Elsie Flannigan, her friend Rachel Denbow, the SUPER awesome Emily Falconbridge and recently some of my dear High School friends (Rachel Dunston!).

I've wanted to start my own blog for just about as long, but I'm a chicken. I'm one of those "go-big or go-home" kind of girls and I wanted my blog to be awesome. The best. I wanted to whole world to read it and fall instantly in love with me. I'm not stupid though and I know that I'm never going to be the best or have the most and things will never be perfect.

Having cancer makes you realize a lot about "life" and having cancer four times makes you realize even more. Sometimes I actually feel lucky for having had it, because I've felt things and I've come to conclusions that I probably wouldn't have if I'd have had a "normal" life. I've become so thankful (how... on time!) for everything. Each time I eat something and feel my body digest it, I'm amazed! Every time I take a shower, a real shower, I'm filled with joy and appreciation (after two months of not being able to take anything more than a sponge bath)! Just living is an amazing thing. The Human body, with all of its gadgets and systems, is unreal. All of the parts and nodes and veins and bones that work together every second of everyday just so that we can function. It really just blows my mind. Whew!

I like to take this moment and let the world know that I'm thankful for having hair. I've lost it twice in my life and I remember how badly I just wanted my eyelashes to grow back. Nothing gives a chemo patient away like missing eyelashes and brows. Nothing worse than having someone stare at you because you've just smeared your right brown across your forehead. Anywho, for all of you hot-ass chemo patients, here is my Public Service announcement for today:



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