New Post!

Well, last night I was suprised with the new laptop that I wanted! Eeep! Buuutt.. now I have to learn Vista (someone hang me, please?).

Stay tuned for a bring-you-up-to-date post full of pictures and plans!

Lots of love,


Oh, Life and a Birthday!


I am feeling a little bit better. FINALLY! There is a vicious virus going around and I just happened to get it. Dustin and Scarlett, too. It was one of those ickies that makes you feel like you're under a wet blanket all day long. Steals your energy and give you with a heavy coating of (sorry) lung snot.

Anyways, it's so awesome to have a little bit if energy! Yea!

We (Dustin, Scarlett, our friend Jesse and I) went to the city yesterday (Saturday) in honor of Scarlett's 20th birthday. I forgot my camera and quite frankly, I don't think I would have had the energy to hold little June (that's my camera's name) up and snap pictures all around town. We all hopped on BART and made it to the hotel by 1:30-ish. (I'd used Priceline and got us a sweet 4-star hotel for $89. Yes, a $369 room for a little over $100 with taxes and fees. Oh, life!)

Once there, we waiting in a long-ass (pardon) line and rode a cable car up to Chinatown, where we walked around a bit (I was pushed, of course!) and then got duped into eating at a terrible Chinese Restaurant (free pot stickers, what a scandal!). After that, we found our way to the Stella Pastry Cafe and picked up Scar's Birthday Tiramisu. We hoofed it back the cable cars, got on the wrong one and walked all the way back to the hotel. EXHAUSTED!

We all had a great time and Scar and I can't wait to get another cheap hotel and have a Girl's only night! Life is so good.

Tomorrow, Scar and I are going shoe shopping and I'm in the process of buying an electric violin. That was kind of a non-sequitur, but I heard that the grammar police had the day off. ;]

Oh and I really want to see THIS movie... and THIS one, too. Big difference between the two, I know!

Happy Birthday to the best friend I've ever had. I love you!


I Love Puffs -- No Lotion.

Wednesday was quite rainy and cold, which, of course, I loved.
I did not love the cold that caught me on the same afternoon.

I'm laying here on the couch, with My Kid Could Paint That (Did she? Didn't she? What a good movie.) on in the background and a brown paper lunch sack next to full of (pardon) snotty tissues.

Having a cold with one lung is tiring. I really *really* promise to slather this place with love once I can stand without getting dizzy!

Hope these tide you over a bit!

And, part 1 of 2 in the Fuzzy Dog-Child catagory:

*swoon*..... *cough, choke, snort*

Oh Nyquil, here I come.