Oh My!

Scarlett and I are going to San Francisco this weekend for the Twilight Convention!
*insert fangirl squeal here*
I'll be back soon........ or will I?



Oh my! Valentine's Day is just two little days away and I'm so excited. Dustin is not usually very romantic in the gesture sense and Valentine's Day is one of the few days of the year where he has no excuse. I will not have any of the, "but I didn't know what to get yous," or "I was thinking about doing (insert romantic, kind, loving idea), but I didn't think you'd like its." He is required to get me something or or do something nice for me.

We have gone over this MANY times in the eight years that we've been together and I always tell him that I don't need anything fancy. I don't need diamonds or four dozen red roses. I don't need (or want) a $300 Coach bag or dinner at the fanciest restaurant in San Francisco. I just need a reminder. A hand drawn card. A single, scrappy flower from the garden of the lady next door. A surprise movie rental and a package of my favorite candy. It really is the little thoughts that counts with me.

He never disappoints and I'm so looking forward to see what he comes up with this time! *swoon*

I thought I'd leave you with some lovely eye candy.
Feast your eyes:

Pretty Valentines from Hello!Lucky.

Scary Teddy on my dresser.
I decided that a striped bow tie and construction paper garland were in order.

Our room looked so empty with out the Christmas tree, so I declared that form now on (until Dustin gets terribly sick of it) it shall be the Holiday tree. I hand made the pompoms and pinwheels. SO much fun. Recycled red glass balls help fill the tree in and a cute little sock monkeyette sits on top:

Super cute vintage Alice in Wonderland hair bands from VintageRemnants :

A beautiful Valentine's print from Daniel Cook.

The description reads: "Sometimes Cupid misses. There is only one obvious solution. Get really close for the next shot."

What better place to gaze at my snow white (a.k.a. pale) face than Anthropologie's Who's The Fairest Mirror. Does anyone have an extra $148 laying around? Goodness gracious... I could buy fourteen eyeshadows from M.A.C. for the price of this mirror!

I do that -- measure the cost of things in eyeshadows. It's a really good way to curb your spending... that is unless you're at the M.A.C. store and then all bets are off. ;]


A Sunday Student

This past Sunday, my Mother and I packed up early and eagerly drove to the cute little town of Point Richmond to take our Image Transfer Intensive class.. We were super excited and listened to the Twilight Soundtrack (/nerd, I know) all the way to the Nova Studio. We were the first ones to arrive to the quaint little studio, so we made good use of our time and drilled our nice teacher, Angela, about all things transfer. That woman knows a LOT!

The outside of the Nova Studio.
Oh marigold exteriors, how I love thee!

The only picture I got of the inside. :(
I just love the row of little black bottles. I was too afraid to sniff around and see what was inside of them, but I'm sure each one smelled wonderful. The studio had the BEST aroma. I think someone had made a big batch of lemon verbena scented something or other the day prior, because the whole place emanated the lovely scent. Mmmmm.

For lunch,we ate at this awesome little pizza place called Extreme Pizza. For $9 I got a personal pizza with olives and artichoke hearts, a side salad and a huge drink. I ended up only eating three quarters of the little pizza, and a few sips of the sugary soda (offer soda water, people!). Super good, anyhow.

A tape transfer in progress.
The final product. Oh yes. That's MY man.

A tape transfer of Scarlett.

Transfers on fabric.

Transfers on tile. My teacher had a thing for Geishas...
Transfers on balsa wood.

And this was what I came home to. :] You can see Dustin's left toe right next to Widgey's face. You can't see Dustin's video game induced blood shot eyes. It's hard work, a) being a dog and b) playing Monster Hunter on your PSP all day with three of your friends. Man, I love my boys. Oh, how I swoon with a full heart.


Oh, How Fun!

Tomorrow my Mom and I are going to take a class together!

It's called Image Transfer Intensive and we're going to learn how to transfer images to different surfaces. The class will be held at the Nova Studio in Port Richmond.

I'm so stoked!

A picture filled post to follow...