Hello, 2009, How Are You Today?

Wow. I'm a lazy lady.
Does it count that I THOUGHT about blogging, even if I didn't actually do it?



Want to know the real reasons that I've been absent for so long?

My Best Friend

The Love of My Life.

Good Books.

Good Movies.

[Tomorrow, Scarlett and I are seeing this... again. If you see a movie in the theather 5 times, does that qualify you as a Fangirl?]

He gets two pictures.



Rachel said...

Can you believe I haven't seen Twilight yet? Can get out to see it with this baby around.
Sounds like it was a little too good!

Kimberly said...

hello violet.
you know, i love your free spirit. don't even really know you yet i know you are a free spirit.
thought it was about time i came to tell you that you, leaving comments on my blog...it's helped me tremendously. wanted you to know i appreciate your taking the time to read, AND leave a comment. figiured i could do the same. at least during the times i'm semi-lucid. ha.
i just wanted to say thank you. oh...and to answer your question. the painting i posted yesterday (with the two red apples and one pear)....it's heavy body acrylic on linen canvas (it's really really thick heavy canvas). the piece has a lot of texture, the paint is really thick and yummy.
okay...must go drink coffee...get my next hit of caffeine. later.