Pretty Pretties and Other Objects of Inspiration

I've kind of been in an art slump. A three year long art slump, to be exact. Scarlett and I have been "arting" (as we call it) a bit, and since she's started school again, I'm kind of slumping again.

I'm here at Barnes and Noble (free Wi-Fi for at&t subscribers!) with Dustin to my left and Scarlett to my right and I've just been kind of farting around for the past three hours. Newest People magazine? Check! US weekly? Check! Health and organizing magazines? Check! So, I decided to do some Etsy.com searches for possible inspiration and this is what I've found.

I simply adore these Gocco printed "Owl Post" telegrams from Chiara at Celestefrittata.
I. Want. Some. Pink and Robin's Egg Blue, please!

Adorable hand painted Owl nesting dolls, from SavageArtworks. Mmmm..

Insanely cute felted animals from VioletPie.

Two of a Kind, by Emily Martin from Inside a Black Apple.

I don't think that there is a way to look at this piece and not be inspired. I wish the woman in the painting were real so I could stare into her crimson eyes and be frightened! *swoon*
Honestly, if you've never seen any of Emily's wok, have a look at her site. She also sells various beauties on her Esty store, The Black Apple.

Kimberly's new painting, Midnight. She has a set of cards for sale, here. I just can't take my eyes off of the bottom of the vase - it make the whole piece. *drool*


Kimberly said...

omg...those felt animals. SO cute! violet...you rock! hard.

three year art slump? can't be so. i've seen things you've made. you have a creative spirit and creativity oozes out of you. of that i am sure. it may not come freely at times...but it's in you.

Rachel said...

I love Emily Martin artwork too! You are sooo cool!
I am coming home in April maybe I will come say hi!

Scarlett said...

oh wow i just looked at emily martin......drooooll...look at her print called the cupcake peddler
i will have that one!!