A Sunday Student

This past Sunday, my Mother and I packed up early and eagerly drove to the cute little town of Point Richmond to take our Image Transfer Intensive class.. We were super excited and listened to the Twilight Soundtrack (/nerd, I know) all the way to the Nova Studio. We were the first ones to arrive to the quaint little studio, so we made good use of our time and drilled our nice teacher, Angela, about all things transfer. That woman knows a LOT!

The outside of the Nova Studio.
Oh marigold exteriors, how I love thee!

The only picture I got of the inside. :(
I just love the row of little black bottles. I was too afraid to sniff around and see what was inside of them, but I'm sure each one smelled wonderful. The studio had the BEST aroma. I think someone had made a big batch of lemon verbena scented something or other the day prior, because the whole place emanated the lovely scent. Mmmmm.

For lunch,we ate at this awesome little pizza place called Extreme Pizza. For $9 I got a personal pizza with olives and artichoke hearts, a side salad and a huge drink. I ended up only eating three quarters of the little pizza, and a few sips of the sugary soda (offer soda water, people!). Super good, anyhow.

A tape transfer in progress.
The final product. Oh yes. That's MY man.

A tape transfer of Scarlett.

Transfers on fabric.

Transfers on tile. My teacher had a thing for Geishas...
Transfers on balsa wood.

And this was what I came home to. :] You can see Dustin's left toe right next to Widgey's face. You can't see Dustin's video game induced blood shot eyes. It's hard work, a) being a dog and b) playing Monster Hunter on your PSP all day with three of your friends. Man, I love my boys. Oh, how I swoon with a full heart.


Rachel said...

Do tell us how to do these wonderful things! Please, please, please!

Scarlett said...

will you be my teacher and teach me these things. I will pay you in yummy pumpkin cookies!!!!!
what do you say my lovely ..???

Violet said...

Mmmmm... Pumpkin cookies!