I Love Puffs -- No Lotion.

Wednesday was quite rainy and cold, which, of course, I loved.
I did not love the cold that caught me on the same afternoon.

I'm laying here on the couch, with My Kid Could Paint That (Did she? Didn't she? What a good movie.) on in the background and a brown paper lunch sack next to full of (pardon) snotty tissues.

Having a cold with one lung is tiring. I really *really* promise to slather this place with love once I can stand without getting dizzy!

Hope these tide you over a bit!

And, part 1 of 2 in the Fuzzy Dog-Child catagory:

*swoon*..... *cough, choke, snort*

Oh Nyquil, here I come.


Rachel said...

I loved "My Kid Could Paint That" ssvvfg5bbbbbbbb c
that was from Ronan, who I am fighting for
thenb klmd keyboard.kj lkvm
He is a toe typer. Hope you feel better.u

Emily said...

That was a great movie! So interesting..... who knows? I mean, the dad, really? bizarre. -e

Kimberly said...

feeling any better?
i love your photos...just you know...