Polar Bear Swims.

Today, I:

* Woke up 15 minutes before my alarm went off all refreshed and ready for the day.

* Went for a 9 a.m. Polar Bear Swim with Nic. We skimmed all of the bloaty bugs off the top and then took forty-five minutes to actually get all the way in the water. She did a crazy total of 46 (was it?) laps and I did a whopping 6. I'm pulling the "I-have-one-leg-and-am-incredibly-out-of-shape-plus-asthma" card. I'm a big girl, I can do what I want. ;]

* Got some college schedule stuff worked out. I'm hoping to take Sign Language and Literature and Composition this Summer. I want to (among other things) be an author... did you know that?

* Went to Old Navy in search of a two-piece bathing suit so I don't feel frumpy in my old lady stule one-piece. I found one! A white top (Nic said that I looked "Yachty") and a plaid-ish frilly bottom. And no, you cannot see. Give me a few more weeks worth of polar bear swims, okay? ;]

* Went "flashlight shopping" during said bathing suit trip. The power went out and they decided to keep the store open... but it was dark inside! It was really, really fun!

* Got a free Apple-Chai Infusion from Starbucks! The power was also out at this little House of Beverage, which meant that they couldn't take credit cards... I ended up with a free drink!

* Had a nice long chat with Lori, from The Nova Studio, about some volunteer work that I'll be doing. I'm SO excited! I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am. Eeep!
* Edited a few pictures.

* Went back to Old Navy to pick up the bathing suit pieces that Nic wanted... it was the the Bathing Suit Fairy, I swear!

* Headed back over to Miss Nic's house for a supposed evening swim, but discovered that the water was fricken' freezing. We vetoed and decided to eat corn and talk while the sun set. Hahaha... that's kind of romantic sounding! I love that lady SO much.

* Came home to see my gorgeous Husband rocking out and playing his PSP simultaneously. He just oddles my noodle. Plain and simple.

* Made almost-vegan Veggie Crumble burritos for dinner with kale, chard, soy cheese, organic tomatoes, bell peppers, a spice mix made from organic cumin (this is THE "taco" spice), ground hot pepper and a little sea salt, all wrapped in fluffy white tortillas (keepin' it real).

* Took the movie, Bratz, that nic and I rented, back to Hollywood Video. We actually know one of the guys who was in the movie and we both screamed like school girls when he had his little speaking part. Too good. We're proud of you, Mr. Rad!

* Spent the last few hours loafing on the internet. I have no shame.

In a few minutes, I will:

* Brush my fangs and wash my face.

* Snuggle into bed.

* Read a little bit of Neil Gaiman's, American Gods.

* Give my handsome Husband a kiss good night.

* Sleep.

Goodnight, Moon.


Scarlett said...


Kimberly said...

i did not know you want to be an author. awesome.

you did a lot. woke up refreshed? how in the hell do you even do that.

you have an amazing love for life. and that rocks.

Violet said...

Dude.. I don' even know. The refreshed thing just started happening. I think it all began when I decided to actaully DO something with my life. Having purpose really makes a difference, you know?