A New Begining.

We're moving out! After being (so graciously) cared for at my Mother In Laws since my surgery in August, we are finally ready and able to move back out. We will be alone. ALONE! Eeeppp!

Dustin and his Dad are at our little cottage as I type, where they're doing manly things and dog proofing the yard. /man flex

Things are really looking up... and it scares me. Please, pretty please, allow me to have good things and not worry about them being taken away! Please keep me healthy and let me enjoy the many wonderful opportunities, people and future dreams that you've put in front of me!

Will you cross your fingers for me?


Kimberly said...

i'm so happy violet.
try not to live in fear (of all the good being taken away).
you deserve nothing but good in your life.
i LOVE your new place.

Violet said...

Thanks, Kim. Can I call you Kim? Kimber? Or is it simple Kimberly? (I'm a sucker for nicknames)

I'm really, REALLY excited to actually move in! Hopefully this three day weekend will give us enough time to totally dog proof it and we'll actually start living there. Eeep! <3

chelseybell. said...

you're beyond adorable. your posts are amazing, and you seem like such a fun, light hearted person.

i'm officially following you.

hope your week is going well!