Sortin' is My Middle Name.

I'm sitting here at the dinner table, going through a truck load of pictures. Should I make a sandwich? Mmmm... sandwich. :} Oh gosh! A Quizno's commercial just came on -- that must be a message from the sandwich Gods!

Today was a lazy day. I slept 'till noon, farted around on Facebook, met up with an electrician at our house (Oh. I need to tell you about that one), went to the movies with Nic and her friend Ashley (Drag Me To Hell was laaaaaame), had a mahi-mahi taco at Rubios, hung out with Bubby (Dustin) and Nic and went to B&N (Barnes & Noble) 'till closing. Good day, good day.

So, about the electrician... the house that we're renting is an old house, built in the 1940s. (A little background: Dustin, the love of my life, is a tech-nerd. Anything with wires or cords or HDMI cables beats his little drum. He likes to play Xbox and PSP and fiddle around with the sound quality upload settings on my Zune, too. Cute little boy he is.) Dustin somehow figured out that the wiring in the house wasn't grounded... which basically means that if anything that is plugged into the wall gets a power surge, it'll get fried. So let's say that I'm cooking on the stove, which is gas powered with an electric starter, and the power surges... I'll might get my face blown off. That would probably be bad, especially since I really like my little face.

Anyways, Dustin has been stressing for the past five days. Serious stressing out. Stressing so much that it was stressing me out, too. He was thinking that the owner of the house, who lives in L.A., wouldn't pony up and fix the problem, even though it was a fire hazard. Dustin wouldn't allow his family (the boys and I) to live in place where wouldn't be able to live safely and we would have to start looking for a new place to rent.

Well... we found out today that they're going to fix it! Eeep! We get to keep the house and I get to keep my face! :}

We plan on being moved in by the end of the weekend. SO good!

Update: That sandwich was gooood. ;}


Angela said...

haha That whole post totally reminded me of Ryan! From the techie who loves playing with wires and cords to the part about stressing about the family (me and Twiggy). What awesome guys we've got :)

btw, Dustin looks a lot like Zachery Qunito in the 2nd pic!

vivianna said...

great photos!

Scarlett said...

lets just see the movie again it was....umm..yeaaa