She Does Matter.

I've been a reader of Emily Faclonbridge's blog for at least a year or so. She's a neat "Earthy" lady, complete with dread locks, Australian accent and two darling girls who have fairy tea parties and adorable handmade dolls. She is just a cool chick and seems to have a heart full of love. There should be more people like her.

Anyways, a while back, Em posted something about a friend of hers, Kimberly, who was going through a terrible family crisis. Emily posted a link to her friend's blog, It Matters, and I've been a reader ever since. I honestly check Kimberly's blog daily and I've found that she's much stronger than she thinks. Even with a soul that's been injured and a terrible void where her husband once was, she still manages to keep going. She still holds her head up and cares for her two little boys and manages to paint beautiful pictures. She's amazing and I really admire her for her strength and perseverance. I wish I could help glue a little piece of her heart back together and hold her hand in person. I wish I could show her that things will eventually work out and that the jagged edges will become a little bit more smooth over time. *sniffle, sigh* I'm here for you, sister.

Life is beautiful and rotten and amazing and terrible all at the same time. You know?

Just another day, in my quiet life.

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Kimberly said...

omg. i was like stunned when i saw your post! violet, YOU are amazing. you are a strong, caring, giving and amazing person (like em). god, your post made me cry. as did what you said on my blog last night.

you somehow bring me strength...and i can never thank you enough.

your soul is full...you live freely...and i effing love that. tell me your story.