A Whipple Procedure Write Up!

I recently posted a full write-up of what went down during my hospital stay when I had my Whipple Procedure/Surgery done. This isn't really the place where I want to relive that expeience, so I thought I'd just put a link to the post, in case anyone who has had, or will have, or knows someone who might have a Whipple done. Hard core stuff!

Here's the link.

Coming soon... a cute gingerbread card tutorial (better late than never!), Saturday night Scrap Diva crafting exposed and awesome Valentine's Day pom-poms!

Lots of love,
Little Miss Violet

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Kimberly said...

god..violet...i just read your entire post. you are an exceptional human. you have a gentle soul and a fighter spirit. i am so honored and thankful that you shared some of yourself with me. i hope you will continue to do so.