Easter and the Eggs.

Our Easter was nice and quiet. I had a cold (dang you, sporadic spring rain), so I laid low for most of the weekend. We had to make a trip out to my Grandma's house for an Easter Brunch, but other than that, I was a Couch Bunny.

The night before Easter, I doodled on some eggs and dipped 'em in the stinky cups of Paas dye.

The massive tub of crayons that my Mother In Law has collected. Pick a color, it's in there.

My "little" brother Joey (Joe, to his friends) and his kick ass shades. This kid looks good in any pair of sunglasses ever. It's amazing.

One of the pretty Dunch (Dinner-Lunch. Hahaha) tables at Grandma's. She has a wonderful little (huge, actually) house in a town called Hollister. It's in the South Bay, by Gilroy (garlic!) and about an hour from Santa Cruz.
Ahh! Hollister is in a pretty rural area and when were about to leave, I looked over and saw this thing on Dustin's shirt. I did a double take and it was this black, hairy spider with cobalt blue back legs. Ugggh! I have the shivers just typing this. He tried to flick it off and it jumped off of his shirt and landed on his pants. Eeep! My Daddy was a hero and flicked that creepy, furry beast to the ground. Now, I'm not normally a killer, but that thing had girth. I wanted nothing more than to roll it over with left wheel, but Dustin wouldn't let me. He's such a nice one.

My Daddy, or Peeto, as we call him. Don't know where it came from, but it sure has stuck!

My adorable little cousin Timothy. He ate the hell out of that strawberry cupcake, too.

Ah! Adorable!

This is my cousin's little girl, Amalia. CUTE. This little girl loved her bubbles. She spilled them all over the concrete and just had to smooch her hands in the mess. I stuck my little fingers out and joined her. Bliss!

Mustard tinted fields filled our ride home with color.

Oh Spring, I love you!

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Kimberly said...

love these photos. nice to get a glimpse into the people in your life and the places you go. and dude. peeto? i dig that.