When You Give a Man a Camera...

... he'll take pictures of his face.
Oh how I love that face. I loved even more that he told me he was impressed with how well I took pictures of my own face, with my arms being short and all. *rolls eyes* Men, right?
I did have fun editing this picture of him. His face is so much more exciting than mine! Big brows, piercing eyes!

I have been thinking of getting tattoos on/around the scars on my stomach (shown) and my back. I took my top off (score for him) and let him draw on me with a pen. The one on back (where my lung was taken out) didn't turn out very well, but this one on my stomach captured my heart a little. I think it would also look cute with a little girl, dress blowing in the wind, balloon in hand? Maybe I'll request that during our next drawing session.

Last summer, when I started creating this blog, I had switched my diet to a mostly vegan one. After I my sickness and surgery in August, I returned to the world of carnivorism, mainly because my stomach was so messed up and meat, for some reason was easier on me to digest. Backwards, I know.

Recently I have decided to go most back to being mostly Vegan. I'm not doing any meat (with the exception of an occasional piece of salmon), I don't eat any milk or milk products and very little eggs (only when they're in baked goods, which I don't eat to much of as it is). I will use organic honey, which is a vegan no-no, for facial masks (makes my skin SO soft!), but I don't really dig the taste.

I will be posting recipes, pictures and other food goodies as I venture deeper into this awesome lifestyle!

Dustin and I are looking for a small house to rent in Downtown Antioch. I'm so excited! We're ready to be on our own again -- have our own space, kitchen, ect. It's been a little hard trying to find a place that will let us bring our dogs, but as any of you that actually have dogs know, they're part of the family. If you don't want them, you don't want us!

Hope you all had a very nice Friday.



Rachel said...

I am SOOOO waiting for your recipes! Post some soon! You are my health inspiration. You eat so well!

Kimberly said...

dude. i LOVE the idea of a tat by on or near your scar. not to cover it. or hide it. just because it's cool. i have no idea if you have issues about your scars. james did. he had a defibrilator implanted into his chest. he was going to get a lightening bolt tattoo over the scar. fuckers wouldn't do it though because, well...the skin was thin there and they didn't want to fuck with this defib unit. anyway...i just think it's cool.

hope you're doing well. thanks for the music ideas. you know i am always searching for new tunes.

and how you do the vegan thing? i'm impressed. i cannot do it. i don't eat beef (haven't for 15 years). but eggs...cheese...i can't seem to stop.

Precious Pink Pumps said...

I hope you don't mind me commenting...you know how it is in blogland, you follow links and you stumble accross blogs that take your fancy and then you usually just lurk quietly and then one day you just wanna comment! I love the idea of a tatt with your scar. I saw the potential for a great big old oak tree - and a little girl, with a balloon - go see belleandboo.com and her illustrations are amazing. they would give you inspiration.