I Guess They Were on Sale?

My chin has decided to host a few pimples. No, you don't get to see! I think my skin freaks out a little every time the seasons change. Do any of you have the same problem?

Dustin and I (as well as Nic & Dustin's Dad, with guest appearance by Dustin's Mom, both my parents, my little brother and Nic's Mom and Step Dad) spent all weekend at the new place, fixing things and installing things and building little hunks of IKEA made love. I built this bad boy with a little help from Dustin's muscles. I love his muscles. *swoon*

In order for us to move in completely, we need to reinforce the back fence so the boys (Widget and Fonzie, both dogs) don't ravage the planks trying to get to the obnoxious dog that the people behind us own. This is gunna be a doozie, folks!

We've been going through the boxes of stuff that were sitting in storage and I'm finding that it's really easy to get rid of things, especially now that I've kind of found my style and I know what I love and what I'm attracted to. Garage sale, here we come.

During the week, I've been doing odd jobs for Lori at The Nova, and I'm really excited for the future classes that I'm going to take. This weekend I'll be learning all about how to make soap from scratch (oil/fats and lye) at the two day Soap Boot Camp and I'm super stoked.

I'm finally starting to do and learn about the things that I've always dreamed of and it really is a fantastic feeling. It feels like my life is finally starting... like I've been standing in this doorway for so long and now I've just taken my first few steps into the room. :}

Life is good.

Fonzie loves you. Be happy.


Scarlett said...

oh i love that little alien!!!
i wanna hold his chin!!

cant wait to do all we have planned mamma.

Dionne said...

Yes, I know all to well the symptoms of season change - ack!

I have always wanted to learn how to make soap - how fun!

Kimberly said...

i like dogs. i want to pet fonzie.

i'm glad life is good for you. that's how it should be.

R.C. said...

ah... I live in montreal where the weather is always changing (and usually pretty humid) - not so great for acne prone skin :( Once you get a good skincare line that can handle anything its all good. Try mario badescu's drying lotion. Seriously... it is god in a bottle when it comes up to clearing up zits ;) My lifeline! www.mariobadescu.com. I love your doggie!!! Adorable!