Many A Concerts!

Two concerts since last Saturday! Nic, Bubby (Dustin) and I took BART out to the city on Saturday to see a lovely band called Margot and the Nuclear So & Sos. That poor lead singer - his voice was raw beyond belief. I wanted to hold his hand and make him a hot cup of tea with honey and pat his throat. But I'm afraid that Dustin would have probably frowned upon me doing that. ;}

[They had made this very neat "drum coat rack" type of thing, with a suitcase, wooden block and a giant plastic water jug. They all had little microphones hooked up to them, so the sounds were crazy clear.]

[Four of the So & Sos eight members]

[Nic and I, on BART, after scrambling to catch the last train back home. Did you know that, if an escalator stops working, Dustin can run me and then my wheelchair down 2 and half flights of stairs in under two minutes? Me neither.]

Tuesday, Dustin and I drove out to the Fillmore to see one of our favorite bands, The Kills.

[The view from the Treasure Island tunnel]

[The Bay Bridge]

[The Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.]

[The city at Twilight]

I wasn't able to get ANY (damn it!) pictures because for some reason, the Fillmore has this rule about no cameras. Let me tell you, Alison Mosshart is fricken' amazing. VV (her stage name) has this whole Druggie-Chic & I don't give a crap if you like it vibe. She (who is one half of the band, along with Jamie Hince) was spot on with the album, if not better. I want to pick her up, poke her sunken cheeks a little and put then put her in my pocket. I promise I'll feed and water you, Miss Mosshart! I got a tee shirt (that I happen to be wearing at the moment) and a pack of pins. Eeepp! I love goodies.

Oh, and...

I've got bangs!

I really, *really* love them (even thought my 20 year-old Brother-in-Law, who happened to be the first person to see them, told me that I looked like a man). I look at my self sometimes in the mirror, thinking about his comment and call myself Ringo.

Tee Hee!


Angela said...

Love, love, love your hair! Both the color and the bangs look amazing on you :) And you don't look man haha Why do men always say the oddest things??

Scarlett said...

well f me i loook like a dat druggy in that pic but you look beautiful lil curly sue..i swear you love to post the worst pics of me..lol its alllll good cause iloveee you a million times over

Violet said...

I don't think you look like a druggie! We both look tired, but you're so beautiful it hurts, Ma'am. Serious!

Kimberly said...

your eyes are killer beautiful. love this photo of you. and your profile pic for your blog? holy crap girl. you got it goin' on. absolutely beautiful.