What I've Been Doing

This is what I've been doing for the past two weeks! I took individual photos of EACH of these little soap samples, formatted each one, color checked, added what the soap was colored with, how much colorant was used and where to find said colorant. PLUS, groupings of type of colorant (Dyes, Pigments, Micas and natural herbs and spices) and groupings by actual color.

It was hard fricken' work, too! I'm not used to having to be so color specific when it comes to photography. I usually take a picture and then tweak the colors so that they're a little different than they are in real life. These photo samples had to be the SAME color that they appeared to be in real life! I also helped Lori make a kick butt Power Point presentation for the Soap Conference she's teaching at this week and wrote out a list of each color, what type of colorant was used and what color category it belongs in.

[Some over-exposed (my fault) bars of soaps. Freaking amazing, right?]

Whew! I put 48 (non-consecutive) hours into this project and now that it's done, I'm bored. Who'd have thought?

[I couldn't resist taking a picture in the full length mirrors at the Nova!]

Let's see, I'm really hoping that I can take the Soap Making Bootcamp that's happening at the end of the month. I've ALWAYS wanted to this kind of thing... make lip balm and salves and soap and lotion. This is one of my biggest dream. I feel like fate's gears are starting to turn and it's going to happen. How exciting is it to be at the beginning of such an awesome path? Eeep!

[Widgey (back) and Fonzie]

The boys have taken to sniffing the Spring breeze. All the time. And I love it. The last few days have been warm (about 75*?) and breezy and lovely. I picked up a small basket of cherries from a home grown stand today. Super good! I can't wait until the yellow-ish (champagne something) ones are ready... two weeks and they'll be in my belly.

Hope that everyone had a nice mother's day. :}

Love and wrinkled, snorting puppies,

Miss Vi.


Rachel said...

Just look how stinkin' cute you are! So pretty! I love your style. And the soap look tasty.

Kimberly said...

love the photo of you!
widgey and fonzie (cool names) are your dogs? awesome.
i'm glad you are doing so well.
good things are coming to you. many of them. many, many....