A List and Some News

Things to do:
  • Swing by Target and pick up the goods on my list (CHECK)
  • Pick up envelopes for and address all (and there's a lot) of my Graduation announcements and Moving announcements. (A.A. in Fine Arts for the win!) (CHECK)
  • Take pictures of my first batch of soap! It smells divine. Seriously.
  • Get ready for and go to (be on time!) my friend Meagan's wedding tonight!
  • Call Lori (CHECK)

I just love list making. I think I may be addicted.

Oh, and I'm moving... to Typepad! The link will be up in few days! So excited!


Kimberly said...

congrats on your AA! i shall, of course, follow you over to typepad.

Violet said...

Yea! Blogger just makes it so difficult for me to post (it may be that I have Vista?) and it's worth the $13 a month for me to have something that works and doesn't delete my pictures!