A Quick Hello!

[Me and my Mommy at my brother's post-graduation lunch.]

My little brother graduated last Saturday. I can't believe he's so old... this is the little boy who used to spit on me and run away, who used to kick the air like he was Power Ranger (Red Ranger!), who used to love Barney (hey, Barney is cool). And this brother of mine is going to be a legal adult next week. Holy crap.

I'm on my way out the door to pick up my graduation announcements (community college for the win!) and our moving announcements, meet my sissy for lunch, pick up envelopes for said announcements, have my hair done by Miss Nic and get ready for my first ever Bachelorette party. Yea. I'm a wee bit busy.. and I need a nap! Sleep must wait, though.

Oh! I get to un-mold my soap today.. pictures to follow. :D

<3 Violet

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